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25-27 June 2018
UTC timezone

The following main topics will be covered during the workshop:

    > Progress in neutron guide design, innovative concepts and materials
    > Review of newly installed or planned neutron guide systems worldwide
    > Advances in mirror and super-mirror science and technology (reflectivity, polarization, non-magnetic mirrors, ...)
    > Moderation of neutrons  for the production of cold and ultra-cold neutrons
    > Simulation of neutron sources and neutron transport
    > Neutron optics (monochromators, polarizers, focussing, time of flight, ...)
    > Shielding (Radioprotection, background, ...)
    > Neutron guide lifespan and maintenance.

All presenters are asked to prepare a short summary (2 pages minimum, 3 maximum with pictures) of their talk prior to the workshop. These extended abstracts will be collected in a booklet that will be available for all participants of the workshop.