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Here below you can find most of the lectures and exercises of the School on Diffraction and Energy Materials.


Bond-Valence Energy Landscapes a simple computing tool for assessing ionic conductivity in battery materials

Study of micro-structural effects by powder diffraction using the program FULLPROF

The peak shape of Bragg reflections in powder diffraction. Microstructural effects

Introduction to the FAULTS program

Undersanding defective materials using powder diffraction. The case of layered materials


Micro-structural effects

Bond-Valence Energy Landscapes

FAULTS refinements (extra documents)


Download all the files on a single zip file here.


Essencial links

FullProf Suite
Crystallographic tools for Rietveld, profile matching & Integrated intensity refinements of X-Ray and/or neutron data


Bilbao Crystallographic Server of crystallographic symmetry information

ISOTROPY Software Suite

The ISOTROPY software suite is a collection of software which applies group theoretical methods to the analysis of phase transitions in crystalline solids.


International Union of Crystallography