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The main topics of the workshop will be introduced by invited review talks.
We are delighted to announce the following speakers, who will present on the indicated topics:

  • Clare BURRAGE (University of Nottingham, UK):
    “Dark Side of the Universe” (covering aspects of Dark Matter and Dark Energy for non-cosmologists)
  • Vincenzo CIRIGLIANO (Los Alamos National Lab, USA):
    theoretical motivation of searches for neutron-antineutron oscillations, in the context of other searches for physics beyond the Standard Model
  • Carlo GIUNTI (INFN Torino, Italy):
    searches for eV sterile neutrinos
  • Martin GONZALEZ-ALONSO (CERN, Switzerland):
    searches for beyond Standard Model physics in systems with light and heavy quarks
  • Ernst RASEL (Universität Hannover, Germany):
    gravity tests in the quantum regime
  • Hartmut ABELE (TU Wien, Austria) will give a commemorative speech on the occasion of the
    50th anniversary of the discovery of the ultra-cold neutron.