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24-25 April 2017
Europe/Paris timezone



Monday 24th April 2017

12:00      Registration and lunch

13:30      Welcome (Chadwick Amphi)                                                Thomas Holm Rod

13:40      Update on project status and news from partners           Thomas Holm Rod + others

15:00      Guidelines and standards                                                      Anders Markvadsen

16:00      Group photo

                   Coffee break

16:30      Parallel sessions 

 Mantid for continuous sources  (ILL4 S121)   

16:30  Welcome (Ian Bush)
16:35  Mantid at MLZ: status and future plans (Marina Ganeva)
16:55  Mantid at PSI: status and future plans (Emmanoela Rantsiou)
17:15  Mantid at ILL (Verena Reimund, Gagik Vardanyan, Antti Soininen, Ian Bush)
18:00  Discussion

Muons, simulations and phonons  (ILL4 Seminar Room) 

16:30  Welcome (Roberto De Renzi, Stephen Cottrell, Thomas Holm-Rod)
16:35  Status, plan and messages from muon group (Roberto De Renzi, Stephen Cottrell)
16:50  Status, plan and messages from ILL (Miguel A. Gonzalez)
17:05  Status, plan and messages from ESS (Thomas Holm-Rod)
17:20  Introduction to the MAX European Centre of Excellence  (Pietro Bonfa)
17:40  Status, plan and messages from SNS (Jose Borreguero)
17:55  Status, plan and messages from ISIS (Anders Markvardsen)
18:10  Discussion, working groups, demo, hands-on ...

Reflectometry (Chadwick Amphi)             

 16:30  Welcome (Joachim Wuttke)
 16:35  Standard and off-standard uses of ILL reflectometers; standard data analyses (Philipp Gutfreund)
 16:55  10 years with GenX - past present and future (Matts Björck)
 17:25  Reflectometry Data Analysis Software – ISIS Requirements and Strategy (Arwel Hughes)
 17:50  From simple layer models over complex magnetic superstructures to single pulse reflectivities at ESS - Reflectivity analysis from an instrument scientists perspective (Artur Glavic)
 18:20  Challenge to constrain parameters in multi-layer reflectometry modeling of surfactant systems to be physically realistic (Richard Campbell)
 18:35  Needs of users in the area of soft and biological thin films (Yuri Gerelli)
18:45  Data analysis needs for soft matter and biology (Hanna Wacklin)

SasView  (ILL4 S158)       

16:30  Welcome (Wojciech Potrzebowski)
16:35  SasView v4 - Data analysis for small angle scattering (Andrew Jackson)
17:25  Online SAXS data reduction at the ESRF - the European Synchrotron (Jerome Kieffer)
17:50  Small Angle Scattering software love and hate. User experience at X-ray and neutron facilities (open discussion)

Imaging  (ILL4 164, videoconference room)     

16:30  Welcome (Anders Kaestner)
16:35  Status update (Anders Kaestner, Soren Schmidt)
16:50  How to promote a common tool suite?
17:10  Requirements (Anders Kaestner)
17:30  Reports from involved institutes
18:00  Computational imaging task force ISNR (Anders Kaestner)
18:30  Review open source visualization software (Chiara Carminati)


19:00      Transport to town (Tramway B)

19:30      Dinner (Fantin Latour)


Tuesday 25th April 2017

  9:00      Parallel sessions (cont)

  QENS analysis (ILL4 seminar room)   

9:00  Experiences from Frida: the cryptic command line saga (Joachim Wuttke)
9:20  Recent developments on QENS analysis in Mantid (Sanghamitra Mukhopadhyay)
9:40  QENS at SNS (Jose Borreguero)
9:50  QENS at PSI: user's and instrument scientist's point of view (Fanni Juranyi)
10:10  QENS at ILL: Tools in Lamp (Miguel A. Gonzalez)
10:20  QENS at ESS (Celine Durniak)

Muons, simulations and phonons  (ILL4 S121)   

9:00  Discussion, working groups, demo, hands-on ...

Reflectometry (Chadwick Amphi)                      

10:00  Coherent and incoherent averaging in evaluation of Off-specular scattering and GISANS (Boris Toperverg)

SasView  (ILL4 S158)

9:00  New SasView GUI (Piotr Rozycko)
9:45  SasView CLI and models library (Wojciech Potrzebowski)

Imaging  (ILL4 164, videoconference room)   

9:00  Hands-on session


10:30      Coffee break

11:00      Parallel sessions (cont)

Mantid + QENS  Muons, simulations and phonons (ILL4 seminar room)                  

11:00  Adding MuESR to Mantid (Anthony Lim)
11:15  Mantid at ESS (Jon Taylor)
11:30  Simulation tools for data analysis in Mantid (Sanghamitra Mukhopadhyay)
11:45  Open discussion on needs concerning data analysis for QENS, INS and muons, including the use of simulations in data analysis workflows.

Reflectometry (Chadwick Amphi)

11:00  Modelling and fitting GISAS with BornAgain - status and plans (Walter Van Herck)
11:30  Open discussion together with participants on session on SasView

SasView  (ILL4 S158)           

11:00  SasView tutorial and documentation (Wojciech Potrzebowski and Piotr Rozycko)
11:30  Open discussion together with participants on session on reflectometry (at Chadwick Amphi)

Imaging  (ILL4 164, videoconference room)    

11:00  Hands-on session


12:30      Lunch

13:15      Feedback from parallel sessions

                 Discussion and coordination

                 Organization of next workshop

14:45      Closing remarks

15:00      Departure