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This workshop brings together the community studying nuclear fission and its applications and the community performing spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei respectively.

The workshop is aimed at the presentation of recent experiments, results and ideas for future work on fission and neutron-rich nuclei at existing facilities such as the ILL, CEA, GANIL, ALTO, ISOLDE, nTOF, LNL, GSI, SCK-CEN, JRC Geel, JYFL, JINR, BARC, RIKEN, JAEA, ANU, LANL, NSCL, TRIUMF, etc. using various types of fission experiments as well as beta-decay, isomer, in-beam and laser spectroscopy, lifetime and magnetic moment measurements of neutron-rich nuclei.

Fission sessions will cover experiments and theory respectively. Nuclear spectroscopy sessions will be focused on the current status of experimental and theoretical studies in particular regions of the nuclear chart (such as 208Pb, 132Sn, 100Zr, 78Ni, 48Ca) with presentations highlighting recent progress and remaining questions. Each session will cover a variety of techniques to study nuclear properties of the region. This will allow a coherent picture of the current status of knowledge in each region to be presented.

Emphasis will also be put on future studies that are possible at currently existing facilities and with new instruments and facilities such as FIPPS at ILL, NFS and S3 at SPIRAL2, SPES, ARIEL, FRIB, etc. which will open new perspectives over the next few years. One of the main aims of the workshop is to reinforce current collaborations, and create new ones in areas of mutual interest.

The following topics will be covered in dedicated sessions:

  • Fission experiments
  • Fission theory
  • Instrumentation for fission studies
  • Nuclear data
  • Spectroscopy of fission products
  • (n,gamma) spectroscopy
  • Theory for neutron-rich nuclei
  • Nuclear astrophysics
  • Applications

The workshop will be combined with the annual EXILL Collaboration meeting and the FIPPS user meeting.


There will be no printed proceedings, but the presenters will have the opportunity to submit written contributions for publication in a special issue of EPJ Web of Conferences.


Registration fee

The registration fee is 200 EUR and covers lunch at ILL on Monday, bus from ILL to Chamrousse on Monday and return on Friday, breakfast and coffee breaks from Tuesday to Friday, dinners from Monday to Wednesday and the conference dinner on Thursday.

Starts 20 Mar 2017 12:30
Ends 24 Mar 2017 14:00