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12-16 December 2016
Institut Laue-Langevin
Europe/Paris timezone




          Fundamentals of magnetic neutron diffraction (Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal, Grenoble, France)

          Introduction to Magnetic Symmetry I. Magnetic space groups (J. Manuel Perez-Mato, Bilbao, Spain)

          Introduction to Magnetic Symmetry II. Representation analysis (Branton J. Campbell, Provo, USA)

          Introduction to Magnetic Symmetry III. Magnetic space groups vs. Iirreps (J. Manuel Perez-Mato, Bilbao, Spain)

          The magnetic section of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server (J. Manuel Perez-Mato, Bilbao, Spain)

          The new magCIF format for describing magnetic structures (Branton J. Campbell and Harold T. Stokes, Provo, USA)

          FullProf for Magnetic Structures. New Features (Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal, Grenoble, France)

          MAGNDATA: A collection/database of magnetic structures using symmetry and portable CIF-type files (L. Elcoro, Bilbao, Spain)




         1) The Magnetic Section of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server (J. Manuel Perez-Mato and Luis Elcoro)

         2) Practical on the use of k-­‐SUBGROUPSMAG and MAGMODELIZE of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server to explore possible models for a magnetic structure. (J.M. Perez-Mato, S.V. Gallego, L. Elcoro, M.I. Aroyo)

         3) Practical example on the use of MAXMAGN and other tools of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server for the analysis of magnetic structures. The magnetic structure of HoMnO3. (J.M. Perez-Mato, S. V. Gallego, L. Elcoro, E. Tasci, G. de la Flor, M.I. Aroyo)

Files for Practicals BCS

         4) Installation notes for JANA2006 (Vaclav Petricek)

         5) Example 12.7: DyMn6Ge6 (magndata #1.1.10) Incommensurate magnetic structure – modulation (propagation) vector (0,0,0.1651) and (0,0,0) (Vaclav Petricek)

         6) Example 12.8: Cr2WO6 (magndata #0.75) Antiferromagnetic commensurate magnetic structure – modulation (propagation) vector: (0,0,0) (Vaclav Petricek)

         7) Example 12.1: Ba5Co5 Simple antiferromagnetic magnetic structure (k = 0) (Vaclav Petricek)

         8) Example 12.6: ISODISTORT Practical introduction to Jana2006-ISODISTORT communication (Vaclav Petricek)

         9) ISODISTORT Tutorial Exercises (Branton J. Campbell and Harold T. Stokes)

Files for Practicals ISODISTORT

         10) Magnetic Structure Determination of YMn2O5 (Laurent C. Chapon)

         11) Conmensurate Magnetic structure determination and refinement (Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal)

         12) Magnetic structures of Mn1-xCoxWO4 (Huibo Cao)

         13) Incommensurate magnetic structure of DyMn6Ge6 determined using Fullprof (Stuart Calder)

         14) Magnetic structure determination from TOF neutron data on MnCuO2 crednerite (V. Ovidiu Garlea)